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 2013 News and Reviews

Deccember 2013. JSO Associates (a sister organization of JSO TransPacific) has reached a consulting agreement to carry out business development for a nano-materials processing company. The business target markets are…..

November 2013. JSO has coordinated a distribution agreement for a USA company involved in security monitoring. The territories for distribution are Hong Kong and….. 

October 2013. JSO has initiated a possible working relationship between two Asian governments involving the monitoring of food exports. This project will involve strategic monitoring of logistic parameters by an independent third-party….. 

July 2013. JSO has coordinated a working agreement between two Asian companies involved in semiconductor manufacturing equipment. The working agreement will involve product distribution as well as possible technology or manufacturing transfer in the future…..  

June 2013. JSO management has decided to complete their volunteer work in the tsunami-affected areas in eastern Japan (Tohoku region). JSO personnel (and associated partners) spent close to 200 days in the Tohoku region in 2012-13. JSO also contributed in obtaining additional donations in the range of…..

April 2013. JSO has completed a buyout agreement of a company involved in biofuel development to a company located in southeast asia. The terms of the agreement are…..

March 2013. JSO contributed heavily in obtaining a multi-million dollar for a USA company involved in security and risk management. A security monitoring system will be installed into a power generation plant in…..

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