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 JSOTransPacific Services

New ideas. New networks. New solutions. Key elements for the future of your business enterprise.

Virtual Networking.One of the unique strengths of JSO TransPacific is in its consultant and contact network in USA and Asia. With over 100 such contacts in various disciplines and specialties, virtual networking operations, have been intact since 2000. This allows for rapid communication spanning the entire Pacific Rim, at lower operational costs. 

Technical Assessment. We understand that with progressing technology comes increased specificity. JSO TransPacific implements these changes and we have field-specific specialists which will consult with you on your technical requirements. Ranging from the semiconductor business to the biotech sector and Asia-US relations - our consultant network will have your speciality of interest. 

Strategic Business Partnering. With the increased number of startup companies, business planning is more critical than ever. Our team of silicon valley veterans can not only assist you when starting up your business, but we can prepare you with appropriate strategies so that your business can thrive independently. 

Investment and Sales Generation. Successful businesses have clearly recognized the worth of trans-pacific interactions. Though linking your business in an international network, we can increase the span of investment prospects as well as maximize your potential sales. 

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